Uber Domainer Richard Lau has just announced he has taken on the position of the Executive Director at Water School.

In his year end newsletter he wrote,

“2012 is almost at an end. Itís Christmas Eve and while my shopping is all done, wrapped and tucked under the tree, alas the Lau Christmas Newsletter is yet to be done. Itís my (Richard here) turn to write so Iím sure itís no surprise to anyone that it is Late As Usual. So, hereís whatís happened in our lives this past yearÖ..”

“”Iím still travelling for work Ė about 10 business trips a year. We balance it off with family vacations and managed to do two big trips this year. The first was in the summer where we toured through Jasper, Banff and Lake Louise. We took our bikes with us and rode some amazing, unforgettable routes. Our second big trip was this fall through Eastern Canada (Montreal, Quebec, Nova Scotia), and New York City (before Sandy).”

“One big change for me personally this year was that I took on the role of Executive Director at WaterSchool.

A registered charitable organization in the US, Canada and Uganda, WaterSchool provides a simple and sustainable clean water solution to the most vulnerable people in Kenya and Uganda. Using water bottles and the sunís UV rays, WaterSchool teaches communities a three step clean water program that combines sanitation and hygiene education with a solar disinfection water treatment process called Sodis. After this training, they then have the knowledge they need to maintain access to clean water for life.”

“We have been involved in supporting WaterSchool for over 5 years and it was a natural progression to move from a Board Member when the founder retired early this year. In 2012 we made changes both in North America as well as in Africa, which* enabled WaterSchool to reach more people in 2012 with a lower cost base than in 2011.* In Africa, we are focusing on training the trainers which enables us to leverage the knowledge transfer. And in North America, the staff* is now entirely volunteer/unpaid/probono, and many of the support services are also provided to WaterSchool on a probono basis. If you have a company that provides services to non-profits, please let me know. We are always in need of free printing, admin, swag, etc. Or if your company has a matching program, please add WaterSchool to your list.…