BusinessInsider.comjust covered which it just called* “2013′s Billion Dollar Startup”

What the article didn’t tell you is that the domain name was just purchased in May of 2012 for less than $5,000 at

The domain, was acquired for just $4,900 according to the weekly report that we published on May 8th 2012

The SnapChat App is the 5th most downloaded free app in the Apple App Store according to the current Apple App Store charts.

Already compared to Instagram, which Facebook bought for $1 Billion dollars last year, here is how describes the App which the domain name is being used to promote:

“It’s an app*where users send each other self-destructing photos.”

“Teens use it to send each other provocative images, which adults call “sexting.”

No matter what you call it, buying the next Billion dollar property for $4,900 is as Mastercard would say is “priceless”.