published a story on how a Dimitrios Karras, the owner of a firearm parts store in California has registered the domain names of certain Democratic Senators who are supporters of gun control laws starting with* Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Yes Mr. Karras registered just a week ago on January 4th 2013.

“COMING SOON! Senator Feinstein’s Biggest Fan Page,” reads the title of the new pro-gun site

“It’s funny,” Karras told the Daily Caller News Foundation, adding that his company was not very good at political correctness. “This is going to be an entertaining thing.”

Karras said the next domain name to be released will be for California Senator Barbara Boxer.

“She’s not the only one that we registered,” Karras said of the Feinstein domain, “She’s just the first one that we’ve released.”

“Feinstein — the author of the Assault Weapons Ban bill that expired in 2004 — has promised to introduce updated gun control legislation early this year”