, just covered the .Co registry in a story entitled:

“.CO sets sights on changing ‘the Fabric of the Internet”

The 4 page story starts out “For the millions of people who equate the Web with .com, . CO Internet is out to change that mindset.”

T”he Miami company that manages and markets .co domain names is already making impressive gains — more than 1.4 million in 200 countries have hung their businesses, blogs, personal projects or dreams on a .co virtual shingle. Still, that’s just a tiny fraction of industry titan VeriSign’s 105 million .com registrants”.

“We want to change the fabric of the Internet,” Juan Diego Calle, founder and CEO of .CO Internet, said during an interview in .CO’s Brickell office. “We can only make that happen not by changing what happened in the last 25 years of the Web, which is owned by .com. We want to change the next 25.”

The story covers all the major players involved in the .Co registry including Jaun Calle., Nicolai Bezsonof and Lori Anne Ward and Eduardo Santoyo

Some of the more interesting quotes from the story:

“No one thought we would win against VeriSign,” said** “When we went in and won, it was like, ‘all right, let’s go build a company.’ ”

“some single-letter names have gone for upwards of $1 million

Tech startups seemed to be a natural market because they are early adopters and naturally rebellious. “It’s the entrepreneur who is up at 4 in the morning with a great idea for his business and can’t find a domain name”

“Marquis names of the startup culture switched from .com to .co — beginning with AngelList (, the go-to site for connecting accredited investors with startups around the world”.

“Startup America (, Founder Institute (, Launch Festival (, and others followed suit. “CO is quickly becoming the hot new geeky TLD [top level domain] in Silicon Valley,” said 500 Startups founder Dave McClure, when announcing its change from to 500.coin 2011″.

“In South Florida, dozens of startups, including,, and have embraced the domain, as well as organizations such as Launch Pad Tech, Startup Florida, HackDay and SuperConf

“.unlike most domain registries that act more like a utility, .CO Internet wants to continue the relationship. When the team visits a city, for instance, it will hold a “co-er” dinner for local entrepreneurs with .co websites, said Wardi.…