I was at an opening of a hair salon the other night and saw a bunch of new products that look to be branded like new gTLD’s.

All of the products carried the name of Kevin.Murphy.

Of course inside the domain world Kevin Murphy is the publisher of the blog over at Domainincite.com whom I immediately thought of when I saw that these products that were titled in a very new gTLD type of way

Then I was* told there is another Kevin Murphy who has a hair product line over at KevinMurphy.com.au (although it should be pointed out both Mr. Kevin Murphy’s speak with an accent and they have never been seen in the same room at the same time)

The hair product king, Kevin Murphy doesn’t seem to realize or care that some of the product lines and tag lines he is using on this site and are actual domains like join.us and find.us which he doesn’t own or Session.Salon which also appears on the front page of his site, although .Salon is a new applied for gTLD with four applicants.

Other companies like Sony have branded these type of domains as well make.believe is in most of Sony’s ads and Sony tried to Trademark Move.me a domain name we own and NBC has been running ads for its own programming using a period to separate out words on the names of its shows or the day they are on.

As the new gTLD’s roll out companies are going to have to watch this type of branding or find some of their ad dollars going to sites other people own.* On the other hand* if brands still don’t know there is a .US domain extension or care after all these years, it maybe a very long time until they learn about the new gTLD’s.

Here are a few of the products from Mr. Kevin Murphy, they speak for themselves: