Xbiz.com a publication on the adult industry* issued its top 100 list of news makers of 2012 and ICM Registry, the company that operates the .XXX TLD made the list.

Regarding ICM, Xbiz said:


“XXX.com operator ICM Registry launched a directory for developed .XXX sites,* XXX.XXX in 2012 along with a “Look Who Is Using .XXX” website directory listing nearly 130 .XXX sites with rotating linkable large and small banner ads.

“ICM also announced the release of more than 1,000 premium generic keyword domain names. ”

“In April it applied for three more adult-related TLDs (top-level domains) .sex, .porn and .adult.

“The summer saw CEO Stuart Lawley,* the mastermind behind the adoption of the .XXX TLD — profiled in an in-depth article in Bloomberg’s Businessweek”

“In November of 2011 Manwin filed a suit over .XXX claiming that ICM Registry received original and renewal top-level domain registry contracts without competition, is charging above-market .XXX prices, imposes other anticompetitive .XXX sales restrictions and has, because of its ICANN contract, precluded other adult-oriented top-level domains from operating. Manwin also named ICANN in the suit. ”

“Last October, ICM fired back in a countersuit that made scores of allegations, including that Manwin, as well as its Digital Playground division and co-plaintiff, engaged in predatory acts to prevent and coerce others in the adult entertainment industry from utilizing the .XXX TLD platform.”

“In November, ICM amended the suit making new allegations of unfair competition involving Manwin’s acquisition of Reality Kings”.

Mawin the company that sued ICM and ICANN also made the list.