ICANN public comment period for the .com Registry Agreement renewal, which ends on Thursday April 26th.

As you know, under the terms of the renewal contract Verisign will be able to raise their wholesale price on .com registration 7% in 4 out of the next 6 years.

You can submit you comments on the contract to com-renewal@icann.org.

You will get an email from ICANN* acknowledging the comment (this may take a little while) You have to reply to that email for your comment to be posted, received and published by ICANN.* If you do not respond to the email your comment will not be counted.

Under ICANN* “new” comment period methodology, there’s an initial comment period — the one that ends on April 26, and then there’s a second “reply” period, where those who commented in the first part can respond to issues raised in the first main comment period; one wants to be sure to get one’s comments in by the end of the first comment period, as that’s the real deadline, not the “reply close” date.

Existing comments can be read here.

As always George*Kirikos is on top of the issue and has posted his comment as offers anyone who doesn’t want to spend the time to compose their own comment can adopt all or part of George’s comment.

While the comments may have no directly impact in that ICANN is likely to rubber stamp the VeriSign renewal contract as the orginal contract does have a presumptive renewal provision, a broad set of submissions might send a message to the NTIA/DOC/DOJ that ICANN does not have the support of domain name registrants when it comes to renewing the dot-com agreement with VeriSign on such anti-competitive terms.

If people don’t go “on the record” with their concerns, ICANN/VeriSign are happy to go about their business claiming that no one objected to the contract.…