Through the 1st 150 non-IDN strings, some of the most applied for new gTLD’s extensions didn’t have one pick.

Unofficially I didn’t hear any applications announced for .home, and .music, and .Inc. 3 of the 5 most applied for bew gTLD;s and only one for .App. and .Blog

Brands seemed to do very well in the top 150, while we only spotted 4 Geo extensions and none where from the United States.

As ICANN said they would process somewhere around 80+ applications in a month, the draw is almost done with the 2nd month of applications to be processed accounted for while ICANN is on a break.

With a total of 250 of the over 1,700 application announced in just over 2 hours it promises to be a long night.

Other notable inclusions in the 1st 150 non-IDN were .HIV, .Gay, .Green and at least 27 of Donuts Applications.

Here are the 1st 150 non-IDN’s

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Amazon EU S.a