In what I consider to be another*head scratcher, has dropped the .com from its brand and re-branded to just HOSTING.

According a press release posted on the companies website, “”HOSTING, formally, a leading provider of enterprise-class, managed cloud hosting services, announced its new company name, new logo, and new branding that reinforce its commitment to midsized enterprises running mission-critical applications in the Cloud”.

“After several acquisitions in the past few years that have greatly expanded its service offerings and expertise, the company recognized the need to create a new, common identity internally and externally.* “Given our growth through acquisition, we have employees from three different internal cultures. With this rebranding, we have a shared vision.* Also, we’ve been able to design our new brand to align with the brand promise we make to our customers, said HOSTING CEO Art Zeile.”

“While HOSTING recently dropped the “dotcom” from the brand name, its Website domain remains”.

“The new Website features easier navigation, a bolder color palette and improved search functionality. It summarizes the company’s full spectrum of Cloud services in five simple product tiers. The new site also distinctly highlights HOSTING’s lifecycle approach to managed Cloud hosting – an important differentiator in a crowded marketplace”.

“The company’s new logo, symbolic of the compass rose, represents HOSTING’s promise to serve as a trusted guide. HOSTING aims to help businesses navigate through the Cloud technology landscape by leveraging the strength of its proven approach, infrastructure and people”.

” “It’s much more than just delivering services. We know that over 90% of mid-market companies see business value in cloud computing, but only about 20% have a plan to get there. HOSTING strives to remove obstacles and help businesses move forward into the Cloud,” said Mike Donaldson, Chief Marketing Officer.* The company’s new tag line, “taking you further,” underscores this brand message.”

Ok so I have no idea of how dropping the .Com from makes the company message clearer or more effective.

Maybe the CEO of the company has no idea or maybe just doesn’t care but there are three companies that applied for the new gTLD .Hosting and eventually one of them is going to get the new gTLD and start marketing it.

I have no idea of how removing the .Com from is going to do anything but bring market confusion.