Google’s Penguin update to its algorithm, has a lot of people on the Forum chatting about its effect

Most comments are detecting changes to their own sites and pages.

As usually it was one comment that started off the conversation that is currently over 30 pages and here it is:

“”"After over 10 years of consistently ranking between position #1 and #3 on page one for a single four letter word search term, the month of March (starting on the 10th) has resulted in falling to below the fold, then to page 2, then page 3 and today I have been completely removed for that term.

In place is nothing but garbage. Branding obviously has lost traction. I’m thinking whatever they have done is meant to stick. I checked to see if I had been over optimized for the term, but with a mere 4 occurrences on my page and my need to use that term to describe my product, I really don’t know what they want from us anymore…

The effect of lost traffic has set off all the “Big Traffic change for URL” warnings and the anayltics charts have nose dived. Anyone else seeing this type of situation on their long established sites?

Lost income from March updates is just about $1000 / week.

I’d almost guess that Google is just removing older authority sites in favor of nothing but news articles and blogs.”"

Here are some other comments I found interesting off the forum:


Matt Cutts and his team are geniuses and have finally figured out a way to combat SPAM on the internet. This update had a ton of collateral damage and he will be fixing it in the coming weeks and/or months.


Matt Cutts and his team have over-engineered the Google algorithm and this cluster-f@*$ of an update will solve nothing. Thousands of honest webmasters who were only trying to follow the rules will get dinged……and yes, some spammers will, however the spammers will come right back with a new set of tricks, once they figure out how to take advantage of the new loopholes created by the algorithm.

Meanwhile, thousands of honest webmasters will still pay the price and never get their rankings back…..thereby creating a void in the search results that will be filled with even more spammy looking sites.

I think Cutts and Co. unfairly targeted sites with affiliate links and made “catch-all” filters for sites that do have affiliate links, regardless of whether they were spam or not.…