Domain investor and serial entrepreneur Mike Mann published his book Make Millions & Make Change in 2009 and has been giving it away for free on

Last week Google blacklisted the domain.

Mike Mann pulled the plug on in response and the domain name now does not resolve.

The domain cost Mike $10,000 and now lays dead due to Google’s arbitrary action.

Mike switched all the content that was on to

Mike posted this to his Facebook page.

“Do no evil? Google blacklisted my free book full of great content and charitable intent, no ads at because their robots kept thinking its a get rich quick scheme even after explaining to their execs. But its the best free commercial free content they have. I lost 10K on the domain, plus a million dollar brand and was forced by their evil to rebrand as”

The is also a thread on* dedicated to the subject.

Another example of how Google can ultimately control the success or failure of many businesses and projects.