G.co has hit New York’s Times Square and now so can your pictures.

Google is using the domain name G.co as a branded marketing shortcut.

The campaign is called* “For Everyone” and is part of their ad campaign for Google’s Chrome Book product.

“There’s no bigger stage than Times Square in New York. That’s why we figured it would be the perfect place to show the world what For*Everyone looks like.”

“Want to see your contribution on the big screens? Just add something. We’ll try and feature as many as possible.”

You can just go to G.co and upload your pictures and add a couple of words to it using the theme For Everyone, so you will have to caption your picture with the* words :For….”

Google will of course select through the pictures but if they select your picture Google will email you a photograph showing you what it looked like when it was displayed in Times Square.

Google is using the same tag line “For Everyone” for their Chrome Book laptop ads.

You can watch a Chrome Book commercial here.…