Another day and another complaint filed against a generic term.

In this case its the NameAdministration owned domain name that was hit with a UDRP complaint filed with The National Arbitration forum (NAB).

According to, the domain name* has been owned by Name Administration since at least 2003.

The domain name is generic of course and even has its own Wikipedia entry.

There are 9 live trademarks for the term “cold front” in the USPTO including by Land O’Lakes, Inc. (2011); Cold Front Distribution, LLC LIMITED (2010); Personally Cool LLC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (2009); Main Street Accessories, Inc. (2009); WILCHAM INDUSTRIES INC (2008); Coldfront, LLC Randy Snow-U.S.A. LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (2006) and SUNDAWN INC. CORPORATION of CANADA (1989).

The domain is parked but has very general links, nothing going to brands or products.

Look for another Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) finding after Mr. Berryhill gets done with them and a new poster child for the Domain King at