Flippa.com, has just opened voting for the first annual Flippie Awards, by honoring some of the best sites sold in 2012.

Nominated websites were chosen from over 29,000 websites and domains that were sold on Flippa.com in 2012.

The Flippie Committee chose sites based on the level of interest they attracted from website buyers, as well as quality factors such as monetization, content and uniqueness.

With 5 separate categories, sites and domains in various industries will be honored with a Flippie.

All of the sites nominated were sold on Flippa where more than $22 million in websites were sold 2012.

Besides bragging rights and tons of recognition within our community and throughout our network, the winners each in category will win:
  • $100 in Flippa credits, which they can keep for themselves or transfer to a friend.
  • Winners will be*mentioned in the Flippa newsletter, which is sent to over 90,000 Flippa members, along with a link to their latest project or personal site
  • Winners will also be*featured in a press release*and in various media
The site that garners the most votes, regardless of the category, will win*Best Overall Flippie*and serious bragging rights for 2013, in addition to a*$250 gift card from Amazon.

Here are the nominations:

Best Site Content

  • webhamster.com Sold in September for $11,100
  • rofls.com Sold in September for $10,000
  • globetrooper.com Sold in October for $75,000
  • virtualprofessor.com Sold in July for $17,000
  • militarybases.com Sold in September for $125,000

Best Domain Listing

  • company.net Sold in March for $23,000
  • organ.com Sold in July for $41,100
  • discountstores.com Sold in September for $30,000
  • salinas.com Sold in November for $60,000
  • weddingvows.com Sold in November for $60,000

Best Blog Site

  • tiptoptens.com Sold in May for $100,000
  • legalhelp.org Sold in June for $25,100
  • inspiremebaby.com Sold in June for $31,200
  • lovetheoutdoors.com Sold in August for $37,100
  • simplysneakers.com Sold in August for $10,000

Best E-Commerce Site

  • madokamodern.com Sold in January for $85,000
  • wodrope.com Sold in October for $42,000
  • prozesta.com Sold in October for $30,100
  • motorfiend.com Sold in November for $42,300
  • goldstargames.com Sold in November for $40,000

Best Site Monetization

  • studyguide.org Sold in February for $34,500
  • ruletheseas.com Sold in March for $24,000
  • freelancemom.com Sold in April for $60,000
  • minti.com Sold in October for $35,000
  • vacationrental.org Sold in November for $62,200

Best Web/Mobile Apps

  • coveroid.com Sold in February for $11,300
  • qhub.com Sold in May for $50,000
  • ikidapps.com Sold in September for $19,100
  • pianozap.com Sold in August for $28,350
  • businessonclick.com Sold in October for $3,750


Voting begins on January 2nd and ends at midnight EST on January 30th.…