According to a Press release just out the domain name just sold for $250,000

“The domain name sold for $250,000 in a deal brokered by The transaction was between two private parties and the sale closed on November 1, 2012.”

“We are seeing a higher demand from investors and businesses in China for .com domain names. It seems the market prefers .com over the local .cn extension.” said FindYourDomain Marketing Manager Tom Salbego.

“China is the world’s most populous nation, home to 1.34 billion people and about 538 million Internet users, or 40% of the population. The percentage of internet users has grown four fold since 2005, when only 10% of the population were online. When you compare the internet usage of China to the United States, which 78% of the population is online, it is obvious that there is a tremendous potential for online growth in China. In the next five years we should see the percentage of internet users in China grow to 70%+, or more than one billion people.”

“The use of mobile devices and tablets in China is growing. Currently almost 70% of internet users in china connect via a mobile device which make short, memorable domain names like even more valuable.”

The domain was owned by in 2011 and then went under privacy at Tucows in 2012.

The buyer is Peng Yuan of China