According to a press release we received, Dot Food, LLC an applicant for the new gTLD .Food, launched “, a pre- registration and awareness solution for the new .FOOD gTLD”.

“By pre-registering for a .FOOD domain name on FoodDomainia, food retailers and service providers can secure a better, more professional domain name for their business, product, or service. Registrants will be instantly identified as relevant and valuable members of the food industry, will stand out among their competitors and appear stronger to online investors; all the while increasing their Search Engine Optimization.”"Any Registrant that holds a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), will have priority over any other Registrant to be awarded the applied-for .FOOD domain. Brand and trademark holders should pre-register early to protect their interest.”

What isn’t discussed in the press release, nor did I find on the site, is that DotFood is just one of three applicants for .Food and therefore DotFood, may not get the TLD.

One of the other applicants is Donuts, Inc, which applied for the largest number of new gTLD strings.

However pre-registrations are free and there are already almost 12,000 domain names pre-registered.

The system is accepting multiple applications for the same domain name.

Expect to see more and more potential new gTLD registries to start their own pre-registrations sites.