So a friend of mine was leaving for Europe and he asked our friend Carl to take care of his cat Willow for a few weeks while he was gone. *Carl isn’t great with pets but he’s single and figured he could use the company.

As soon as my friend gets in to his hotel in London he gets a text from Carl. * “Your cat is dead!” *Understandably he’s pretty upset. *It’s been literally a day.

When my friend finally gets back and the first thing he does is have a talk with Carl. *He said “Carl, when something like this happens its probably better if you ease the person into it.” *“Maybe the first text is Willow is in a tree”. *“Then the next day you say, Willow climbed higher in the tree but hopefully she’s going to come down soon” *Give it some time and then you text “Willow climbed higher and I had to call the Fire Department” *“Then you can let me down with, Willow jumped and didn’t make it” * *Just take advantage of the time I’m away and try not to ruin my trip on the first day.

Some time had passed and my friend got another cat. *He was very hesitant, but he had another European trip and decided give Carl another try.

As soon as he got to the hotel. *Ding. *Another text *“Sorry to bother you but your Mom is in a tree”

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Quote of the Day:*“Trust me, you can dance” – Alcohol

Domain of the Day: ** Definitely the name of the day as far as price. *Let the end user figure out how to beat Youtube

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction * This one is going to do very very well. *And an expiry so no reserve * Another nice expiring name. * *Splain stuff *I thought the opening bid was strong and wouldn’t be beat. *Wrong. *In comes bidder number 2 *Memorable and only have to work a few months a year * You’re only looking for two things in a tow. *Don’t damage your car and get there quickly * People are still doing domain hacks. And they still seem to sell

Portfolio of 25 Domains: *Reserve met at $35. *, and more *No bids on this * Sure do love my Ukrainian Easter Bread

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids* I consider this a pronounceable. * And some don’t which helps keep the price down* Sounds like an app, obvious use and the kind of name one brand site will reject and another will love* * same here. *Not as good as the above but a brandable site will take this one* The kind of patterns the Chinese love* *If I’m buying an app name it’s not going to be a .app its these types of names* *If you believe Godaddy this gets 18K monthly visits* *A first name of a few people. *Probably a foreign version of Jeff* The plural would be a very nice name. *This one is decent* Forex names used to dominate this list back in the day because of the high CPC* *Every time bitcoin surges you have another chance to sell a bitcoin name* *A bit cheeky* *I say that weed isn’t the term they use yet weed names sell well so don’t listen to me* Ditto. *But I think I like the one above a little better* *Sounds techy. * *the X sound at the end always gives it a tech flair* That lack of G is going to screw up your marketing but it gives it a country feel* Crowd funded angel investment. *I guess that says it right in the name* *If you camel case it properly it makes a nice online education name* *eSports something.* Nice little 5L for under $50 at press time.

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids *No problem with the Moms being vegans. *Just not the kids. *One bid at $12 *The z makes it cool *Bio stove or burner. *Composter. *Several good uses Sports blog all the way Canna and Gambling in one package Sounds like the name of a tv or movie production company *I think good sleep will continue to see a big push from tech Makes it seem kind of hard to get *Time friendly “7 questions to find out what kind of Italian Food You Are” *Looks odd sounds OK and passes the radio test. *No bidders at $12 *says nobody

*The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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