So our great state of Illinois just passed a new minimum wage law moving it to $15 an hour. *Its a raise over 5 years which comes out to be a little more than a $1 per year. *I’m conflicted about the wage hike in that I have been a proponent for raising the minimum wage for many years. *It was $8.25 which is ridiculous. *Nobody can live on that wage. *I start all my new employees at $11. *Even that is low but its what I can afford for some roles in the company. *I have no problem having lower wages for students and those under 18 but even then they can’t be asked to do the same tasks as the adults. *But $15 is the opposite and is also ridiculous.

Having all employees make $30,000 dollars a year will mean I have to cut back on employees. *It will also force me to pay all more experienced employees more money as well. *We run a very strict sales to payroll ratio and that just can’t change. *So either sales go up or employees go down. *It’s that simple. *And other companies are absolutely going to keep the same policy. *So just as the studies have shown in other places that have raised it to this level. *The most important employees are going to truly benefit and get big raises while the bottom quality people will be out of jobs. *Studies say this isn’t true and that it hasn’t effected jobs. But what they haven’t pointed out is that most cities are only in year two and still at $11 an hour. *We still have a few years to get to $15 where it starts to hurt. *I think it doesn’t hurt until $14 or $15.

McDonalds , *many other fast foods, and supermarkets are already preparing and have replaced order and checkout with self checkouts and ordering. * Sam’s club went from 15 checkout lines to 4 with 11 moving to self checkout. *And even more use an app to check out on the honesty system. *All deemed cheaper than paying the higher wages.

I’m giving my opinion and its bound to change with time as I learn. *And since I have a head start I am way ahead of most employers. *As a matter of fact if I include year end bonuses we’re probably there. *So I’m ready. *But I’m not sure our customers and that’s where I need to get it back. *Here are today’s names. Make sure to click on the names to see the current price and to help DSAD continue writing each day.

Quote of the Day:*The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” — Dorothy Nevill

Domain of the Day: * *.org works for me here. *As good of a name as Marksman

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction * Great name for a journal, book writing, note taking, or writing instruction type site.** * 13 year old SEO name. *No reserve so it’s going to sell to the highest bidder. * 52 bids * * sold for $15K recently so this has to have some value. *The “having someone else ship it” business is hotter than ever *No reserve and closes today. * To get a good learning, education name for $100 is tough in today’s market * Look at Media Options getting back in the market *Good name for a computer company concentrating on the gamers * No bids. *A beach for the ladies. *Or maybe some men. *Could be the home of the new festival below * The plural is already built out. *Could do well or get you a lawsuit

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids* *Online is going to be where you make a billion so it fits perfectly* * Guarantee you’ll have a better time than Fyre festival. *This year its at PinkBeach* *90% of all counters that are put in are granite. *Changing but still a big market* *Z is tough as a western acronym but the Chinese probably are going to like it* *I feel like I just got a pot pie at the grocery store frozen food section with the brand already* Workouts where the length of the muscles don’t change. *Should definitely be a part of everyone’s workout* *Love it. * A play on peat moss* Sounds exciting and an upgrade for several companies* You know from the name exactly what the company or service is* *Used to be a “Is this site down for you” type site. *Now it can be yours* Other companies thought this was a good education name as well. One using* * A bit long but gets defines pretty well* Solid name………….sorry* People still like weed names* *People are loving this one. *The internet can’t get enough Realty and Car sales sites* *Nice name for the charity space. People give more when you make it easy. *Doesn’t get easier than texting Round number and the first letter of the alphabet. *Under $600 at press time *These good 5Ls are starting to see some good prices

Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids *I still say this hits $100,000 *Has a good opening bid. *We’ll see if it moves from here *Too generic BUT it is what entire billion dollar businesses are being built on right now *Not great but certainly worth $10 IMO *Another one. But you’ll have to buck up because its at $17 *I think gene companies will only continue to grow in numbers and value *A last name so eventually will be a brand or company. No bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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