Namescon Auction will have as good of a list of names as has even been assembled at an auction in quite a while. If not ever. *BUT………………………………most of the names are merely a marketing entry. *Brent Oxley of HostGator fame has entered the huge list below that he admits are set at a high reserve and entered into the auction to get them some attention. *And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. *Unless you are sitting in the live auction. *It’s going to take forever as we go through the bidding process with very few if any meet reserve. * I think that it could ruin the live auction. * On paper and hype its great. *For those that attend I would recommend sitting next to someone that you really enjoy spending a lot of time with.
Zombie.comHere*are today’s names. *Click through to see the current price and to fund this daily list</p>Quote of the Day: *“Don’t be so humble – you are not that great” *– Golda Meir

*Domain of the Day: *****Short for Missouri. *Pretty what ever fan uses instead of trying to spell it out. *I would think this is a great buy under $1K

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction *At $500 *Good start (US) and end(C) to this one *I feel like the owner should have taken the bid instead of throwing it to auction * PR for Public Relations, Press Release, Puerto Rico * *C is strong and having VR for Virtual Reality in from makes this one strong * Nice *Everyone needs to have a few in their portfolio * If you’re not gay you’re missing half the fun. *That’s what a guy that cuts my hair said one time * I think of Equifax when I see it. *Actually was an app that let people pay each other but changed it based on how much their race made vs a white person. *And I did not make that up. *I think the name is better than the app *“start with the basic” * Met reserve so its getting a new home * Real close to reserve on this one as well. *I always thought things with X at the front sounded cool

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids*Was curious how this one was going to go now that collectable LLLL.coms are down a bit. *Going just fine* *Energy name. *Dodge Volt fan club* Godaddy says its worth $2K based on past sales. *It will sell for a lot more than that to the enduser. *Opinion only and it could take years* Love this one. *Big space* *Love with premium western letters that end in A. *Companies with Association like to acronym down with their domains* The Juul of cigars

Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids *Sounds like an investment company to me *A whole site devoted to cell phone news. *Plenty of it out there * Cool way to spell Deployer. *No bids *Sounds like an off brand tool set at Wal-Mart *Not sure what you would uses it for but easy to spell and say. *And $12 at press time *The pattern I buy on *Going to have to be a fun brand. *Crazy doesn’t exude professional *Get drunk on the cheap stuff. *No bids *If Speedway buys out Goodyear *Pretty good play on BioMed *email product that went under

*The Rest of the Names With Bids

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