Almost on Cue as soon as the* ICANN Priority Numbers Drawn for New gTLD Applications was starting the* live Audio/Video stream went out.

When it was last working it looked like less than 300 people were tuned in.

ICANN has already Tweeted that the draw will not start until the audio/video stream is fixed.

Before it went off air, ICANN let the crowd know there were 1,766 tickets sold at $100 each with the proceeds all going to three charities; Kiva, Invenio, and WikiMedia Foundation

The good news is that’s a total in excess of $175,000 going to three great charities the bad news is that if it take 30 seconds to read off each number then we are looking at some 14 hours to get through all 1,766 tickets.

If you want to follow the draw you can watch it live (assuming the feed comes back) here.

If you have a life and don’t want to watch the feed for the next 14 hours you can follow us on Twitter.