Anyone who follows UDRP files will tell you that the toy maker Lego is one of the most prolific filers of UDRP’s

I count over 500 UDRP’s on domain names filed containing the term “lego” and many cases contain more than one domain.

However despite all the filings and wins by the toy maker the it has finally won a UDRP on the bang on matching domain of its trademark

The domain name has an original filing date of 1997.

The WIPO case is number D2012-2133 and has a decision date of December 12, 2012.

The decision is not yet published, however why this was not one of the 1st UDRP Lego filed instead of the 500+ case seems a mystery to me.

However this is not the only trademark holder to recently file a bang on TM domain after many years of being held by other parties.

In a decision yet to be decided the oild company Texaco recently filed a UDRP against

The case is still pending in front of a NAF panel with a case number of 1473388…