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    Hello all I wanted to see if yall could verify this for me. Im getting 1,220,000 searches a month with clothing bottoms. I am in the uk. Is this right? do you see it as well?
    for "clothing bottoms", setting the country to uk and the match to exact, I get a global count of just 91 searches a month and no uk search volume via the google keyword tool:

    I have no idea how you are seeing 1.2m searches a month.

    in terms of usage (rather than search volume), I get:

    Results 1 - 10 of about 42,200 for "clothing bottoms".

    but if you look at the results themselves, it's mainly mid sentence where the words happen to be next to each other than than used as a specific descriptive label.
    When using google for counts - use double quotes for usage counts for multiword terms and set "match type" to "exact" for all search volume lookups. Click here for more info

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    Valuable Thread for Search Criteria

    Thanks for the thread & info in this thread. The difference between "broad" and "exact" on the google keyword tool can have extreme variances.

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    Road Map For Domainers

    Quote Originally Posted by safesys View Post
    I'm using a UK ip and get a different count using that than calling the exact same url using a us proxy.

    I was just using "used car" to illustrate that google is performing some algorithmic functions with regards to terms that aren't in quotes. the extent of that algorithm could well extend beyond just breaking that term into space delimeted sections.

    bottom line is google results can be strange - but to me, the most important thing has always been getting a feel for who is using a term and how rather than trying to come up with a magic-bullet formula based on just the count number (although a very low count is all the more telling given the algorithmic aspect).

    The stuffs here are evergreen and very helpful roadmap for domainers of all time. I wonder where are these Gurus? Cheers. || |

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    Great forum, I like to solve many problems

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    This tool is the greatest free widget I have ever used. It's the only one I need and I use It CAN help you fing great domains...

    Read the stories of some famous businesses here:

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    Great!!!!! gud job

    Great!! It really matters. And it is useful to many more. hope many would reap a lot from this stuff. hope great from u more

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    About using-google-for-search-and-usage-volu

    How can learn about "using-google-for-search-and-usage-volu"?

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    its a very good stuff

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    Adwords Tools

    The Keyowrd planner is powerful stuff Adword Planners

    I also use Cheap Domain Registration to pick urls for next to nothing

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    thankss for this

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