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    Seo content optimization

    Seo content optimization.

      The importance of persisting in updating is reflected in two aspects. Take the portal website as an example. The secret of promoting the ranking of portal websites is the fresh and high-quality content update.

      Constantly adding new content, the portal site has a large number of pages to be included in the search engine, there is a chance to preempt more keywords;

      The high quality of the content makes the content constantly referenced outside the site, enhancing the site‘s weight.

      The company should look to the portal site, inject more fresh and high-quality content into the website, insist on updating to accumulate the weight, and grab the rank.

      Second, construction enterprise news column, import homepage weight.

      Can not independently build the information column enterprise station, the proposal can be updated the focus on the enterprise news.

      Compared with the policy, the updated quantity of the policy is much less, the site contains much less, the keyword rank of the effect of the corresponding is also a great deal.

      3. Content team with SEO awareness: able to provide high-quality and original content for the website promotion enterprise station in a long-term and stable way around keywords.

      Strong technical support: be able to build new content platform for enterprise station timely according to the requirements of the optimized team.

      News content conscious around keywords to organizations: the need to write the news content of network marketing enterprise personnel to accept the SEO content of the construction of the first training, consciously consider when writing to the keyword layout.

      Article optimization techniques

      1. Keyword density.

      In the ranking of search results returned when searching for this keyword, this ranking algorithm is quickly used by many webmasters, which is quite understandable.

      Early, search engines think that the higher the word frequency of key words in the article, in an article in has nothing to do with the key words, the greater the relevance of the article page with this keyword.

      So, this is an aside.

      Thus “cheat” the ranking of the keyword.

      Keywords of black hat website optimization technique was born, key word density is a key word in the article throughout the number of occurrences of percentage, the article page will also get a better ranking.

      2. Keyword at the end of the article.

      Usually, especially with the keyword, the beginning of the article is the content that the search engine spider reads first, so this part is relatively weightless.

      At the end of the article the target keyword is also recognized as a way to improve the relevancy of the article.

      Keyword in the first 50 to 100 words, so that it can effectively optimize the relevance of the article.

      In addition, for the vast majority of traditional articles will be at the end of part summarizes the whole article, even at the beginning of the article appear keywords also deliberately to grasp the principle of naturally occurring.

      3. Keyword form transformation.

      It is also a way to optimize the key words in the article.

      The keyword that comes up when the site is optimized is not all keywords that have to appear in the form of the target keyword, and other keyword forms are usually used to make the statement smoother.

      The forms that write the usual keyword changes include synonyms, synonyms, words that are different from the same thing, and so on.

      4. Split keywords.

      Try to reduce the number of words in the middle of the broken word.

      It can also be regarded as a kind of keyword situation transformation.

      This method is suitable for the key phrases, and then take the key word “optimize the article”, of course, except in the form of key words in the form of split or to ensure the proximity of split keywords as possible, can also be split into “website optimization one article” form.

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    SEO your content strategy. Too many marketers are still waiting until the end of content creation to bring in SEO as a promotional tool.
    Design good content. Good UX is good SEO.
    Create correct content.
    Check your keyword usage.

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