I am new to this forum so I will do my best to try to format this professionally and within etiquette.

Domain-Cheap(dot)com is looking for recommendations of a software solution similar to a domain trader system, that would allow our customers to list their premium domains not for sale, but for free with paid hosting. From this hosting they will collect a commission. Before a domain is contracted it will be parked and the domain will read "Get this Free Premium Domain with a web hosting package", in addition to the traffic and appraisal figures. The visitor will then have the option to get that premium domain free for use with the hosting for as long as they keep the hosting paid up. In addition they will be able to also request the DNS be updated to their hosting if they wish, but they will still have to pay the original contracted premium domain hosting.

We have taken random surveys from our customers of possible future developments and this idea got a 79% interest and approval rate. It will not be great profits, but it will provide our customers with a viable way to protect their premium domain portfolios.

We have researched various packages and so far the best is Domain Trader 2.5.2 by smart script solutions, but will require modification to adapt to the monthly billing model. This hosting model is a one off from the domain rental or lease model that never really seemed to catch on.

If anyone knows of any available solutions that would suit this model please comment.

My Best,
Geoffrey Stonham
Start-up & Business Development