Is it worth to invest in .co?

There has been an interesting report of SEDO in the year 2013.

The results:

"The total value of .CO sales at Sedo since July 2010 is $2.6 million USD.
The mean average sales price for .CO domain names on Sedo’s marketplace is high, reaching $2,486 USD in 2013, up 37 percent since the TLD was introduced.
The YTD average sales price of a .CO domain surpasses the most well-established legacy TLDs, including .COM, .NET and .ORG.
The YTD median sales price of a .CO domain is $570 USD, up 14 percent since 2010, and higher than all the reported TLDs except for .COM."

.Co turns now, in 2019, nine years. The birthday is celebrated by a present to anybody: You can get from July 1 to July 7 a standard .co domain for 9 US-Dollars.

Hans-Peter Oswald