We have, within registry guidelines .. completed software that scans a self built list of well over 1,000,000 .in domain names. Every day you will know what domans are dropping

Monthly Access fee is a Mere $19.95 - http://catchnames.in/subscribe/order.php?get_id=10

We are also building another membership section which is $39.95 per month. For that you will get some basic information to get you started on your drop catching adventures as well as some discussion forums to answer basic questions about API's and how the dramatically increase your chance of catching names.

This section also includes a list of 100,000's of thousands of previously registered .in domains that were dropped and no reregistered Last time I released a portion of this I remember someone being happy registering wonton.in @ reg fee by hand

To signup for that, click here : http://catchnames.in/subscribe/order.php?get_id=11

Server may be down slightly during upgrades - just try back again or PM me