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    Nov 2002
    Originally posted by Chad
    >>I question whether [...] and his buddy Chad are cybersquatters.

    Yes, I am. Call the cops.
    Which you stated a long time ago so I have no idea why this keeps being brought up.

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    Nov 2002
    To be honest, the only reason I'm spending my valuable time here is that I think there are some very important issues being brought up and discussed.

    And my competitive nature is kicking in and motiviating me to try and seperate the important stuff from the name calling.

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    Gold Coast, Qld, Australia
    Originally posted by DomeBase
    Ah well. My efforts at diplomacy have failed. Similar material is being rehashed, and my friends are still sparring. I would like not to lose any friends from this forum, so I propose two possible solutions...



    First, close this thread. Any remaining questions or punches can be done in PMs or, if need be, whoever feels the most need to continue in public can start another thread called "and one more thing about trademarks."



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