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    Cool Buying LLL.com and CC.com/.net domains


    I'm always ready to buy the following domain themes:

    1. LLL.com (LLL is 3 letters) -> butget $3k - $15k depending on the letters

    2. CC.com and CC.net (CC is 2 characters) -> butget $1k - $20k depending on the TLD and characters

    3. NNN.com (NNN is 3 digits) -> butget $5k - $20k depending on the digits

    I'm interested only in reseller prices, please no end-user prices. Domain name and asking price via PM please.


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    Would you be interested in VIP.net.co?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toekneetv View Post
    Would you be interested in VIP.net.co?
    Not interested. Please offer only LLL.com, NNN.com, CC.com/.net


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