One of the best Wordpress themes is going open source. On October 31 the current set of themes will be taken off sale and be replaced by a new set of open source (read free. ) themes. The news is here.

I've put off buying the theme and am now glad I did. On the other hand if you own the theme Brian has this to say:
"As of 12:00 midnight, Friday October 31st, the themes that are currently available at the Revolution theme site will no longer be available. Ever. This was a decision that I made in order to protect the integrity of the current themes and the conditions under which they were released. Over the past year I have built a community of Revolution users, and to freely offer up those themes would be completely unfair to them. My community matters to me, and this is how I have chosen to handle current themes."

My hope is that the new themes are as good as the old ones.