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    Jun 2011

    need help in designing

    I am new in this community.
    I want to learn web designing. How can i learn Adobe photo shop, Dream weaver, html/php, and flash by video tutorials for free.

    Plz help me and if u know then tell me the site or url where i can find these tutorials. i am thankful to you for this kindness.

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    Earth Surface

    Want To Design Web.

    You can design web and do what ever by getting dream weaver and read the instruction on how to use it. Dedicate your time and try your hands on the software. With time you will surely understand how to use it. Cheers.
    Read more articles on domaining at

    at DomainSession.com

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    Good you have learnt PS , Dream viewer. I only know PS. Want to work on Other .

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    Aug 2011


    atleast you would have attached your resume for our referrence so we would got better understanding of whats wrong in it.
    I have designed my resumed in regrads with cite hrs seniors suggestions and everything positive, it looks a good professional resume.

    I will send it you tomorrow, but still upload your resume so we will guide about the mention of wrong things it it and in future you can add and enhance it accordingly.

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    Jun 2011
    Have you got your design completely

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    Oct 2011
    When I first learned how to put up m site, it was only through html and with the use of a notepad. Now, you have a lot of stuff at your reach with the use of dreamweaver and some other IDEs like netbeans or eclipse.

    For starters though, I suggest that you first use dreamweaver because that would be a lot easy for you to learn and keep up with what is in it.

    You might also want to take a look at the w3 website so you can read on newer topics concerning this field.

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    Dec 2011
    I think dream viewer is a best way for designing a website.

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    Learn the basics of XHTML or HTML5. I recommend XHTML. Learn the basics using a text editor so you can't use dreamweaver as a crutch.

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