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    I be from Pluto

    IE 8 does not look right, except in compatibility mode

    IE 8 does not look right, except in compatibility mode...

    In general, I hope their are improvements... but I'm not sure you could do anything to save the site in the eyes of the old users... I'd focus more on attracting a new set of posters from someplace.

    Much as you paid, I'd guess that is not what you want to hear... guess it is possible you could salvage some parts.

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    Could you let us know specifically what does not display correctly in IE 8? We have tested on IE 6, 7, 8 (Compatibility mode on and off) and everything appears correctly.


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    I be from Pluto
    Very odd thing... once I took com mode off, it looked normal.

    Fired up my virtual machine and came to your site and it looked like crap again in IE 8. On my "regular" machine now it looks okay. In the virtual machine, I took a screenshot of the issue... looks like crap.

    I'll post the screenshot, if I can.

    edit: could not... created domainstatepics@gmail.com and uploaded to the docs.


    Hope it helps... it will only impact new people to the site, so it should be fixed.

    Do I get a cookie for all this trouble? How about snoopie's old dog bone?

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    FYI, the site is unusable in IE6. All forum lists are vertical on each letter of text.

    I thought you might have dropped support for it but since it says you tested it, thought you would want to know.
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