Hi, I am glad to introduce you a new redirection service which gives you some very meaningful URLs instead of nonsense and long urls.

For example, Christmas is coming soon and of course you remember to send an ecard to your friend John, you go to an ecard site and pick an ecard you like and then fill up your name, email, your friend's name and email, then the ecard site will send the ecard to John's mailbox with a link "yesonline [ hala@domainclub.org ] has sent you an ecard from 123Greetings.com. To view your ecard, please click the link...." with a long url.
Now you can do it with more pleasure. You just fill your own email instead of your friend John, yes, let the ecard sends to you in the first place, and you will receive the ecard notification mail soon, and you just copy the ecard link for a later use.
Now you may visit http://www.meaningfulurl.com, you will see many meaningful domains for your choice, so you can choose this one merry-christmas.to for your new ecard url, just fill John as the tag, and fill the ecard link you just copied with, and everything is done, you got a very meaningful URL as http://merry-christmas.to/John which forwards people to the ecard link directly, so you may drop an email to John "Hi, I have an ecard for you, please visit http://merry-christmas.to/John" Don't you think it is more interesting then just sent John a nonsense link? There are many other more meaningful URLs such as thanks.to, invite.to, vote.to, greetings.to....
but please be aware of , all these meaningful URL services are time limited, most of the meaning URLs you create will expire in 3 to 5 days, so the same tags could be used by other users again.
Have a try when Christmas day is coming.