Hi guys,

I just want to let you know about the Launch Promotion at DomainLoops. Promotion is offered because of the launch in Beta stage.

Register before May 31st, for one month and get another month as a BONUS!
DomainLoops offer different domain tools... Find available domains (by pattern, keywords), Domain watch, Expired domains, Screen shots, Whois, Reverse IP, Domains to be deleted, Website crawler, Domain Owners Search and others to come in a next few weeks.
But you should sign up right now to enjoy the free month of services!

We mostly specialize in Short domains (LLL,NNN,AAA,..), Pattern domains (CVCV,VCVC,CVVC,NNNNN,..) and Keyword domains... in our availability scan you can choose couple different "addings" to combine your pattern... e.g. MN - Name+Number ... JO - Adjective+Noun... CCDVCy - Words like sleepy... etc. You can combine your own words with indexed ones... for example Jhotel -> Adjective + "hotel".

We are also still working on searchable database of owners... where you can search through them regarding their domains... so if you're looking for someone to sell a "casino" domain to, you'll just search for "casino" and all the owners of casino domains will pop up in "how many do they have" order. Pretty neat yeah?

Everyday we post new dropped domains from our premium database. Be first to now if any "lets say" LLLL or CVC domain drops... or when domain with any of your selected keywords in it drops. You can set up Expiration Aerts and be the first to now about the drop!

URL: DomainLoops.com

Video of our Domain Pattern Scan - youtube.com/watch?v=dg2BCE2ROFY

We are also at Twitter: twitter.com/domainloops