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    Originally posted by Duke of Earl
    ...private meetings though so light attendance at most seminars. ...
    Didn't the King declare this type of thing expressly forbidden, blasphemous and grounds for expulsion?

    No.. really... he did.

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    Originally posted by Domo Sapiens
    There is no such a thing... as diet-chocolate

    A chocoholic.
    Heh yes one of those oxy-thingies.

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    My observations...

    I dont think they had a featured speaker at this event.

    Moniker did a better job of getting the names out earlier, but I dont know how well any of these events draw from anyone other than domainers to purchase...they would probably be better off with more of the themed auctions as has been suggested before so they could do a bit more main stream marketing..they are making nice margins so this should be part of their gig, imo

    As an observer I think the # of events is taking away from the big sales numbers and the economy is an issue with everyone...but I think the market will rebound headed into the fall

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    Another comment about attendance numbers,

    "Got back home from Traffic East yesterday right before the auction, was exhausted. Traffic East had much less attendees from previous shows. While I don’t know the number my guess would be around 150-180, half of those would be companies in the business and the other half domainers."

    GamesRoom.com, Possum.com, Arithmetic.com on greatdomains auction, low reserves, priced to sell!

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