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    I am a newbie

    How do I research a good keyword that profitable

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    Lightbulb ((Keyword research tips))

    Welcome on board.

    Use a free Google keyword tools to start off with


    Spend a bit of time to get the hang of it, then slowly you will learn how to spot the good keywords effectively. Although, there are quite a few paid tools out there that you can use, they allow you dig in deeper to find the hidden gem which Google would never reveal to you. But I would not worry about it now at this stage as I were you. Good luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by kendy01 View Post
    How do I research a good keyword that profitable

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    Don't forget that competitors are your best friends :-)
    Analyze top ranked pages with a keyword density tool (keyworda.com, for example).

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    Thumbs up I am a newbie

    welcome onboard of domaining business. When you are using all of the above tools make sure you do not register any domain that are not marketable; you must considered how useful the domain should be before making the registration, so you can sell it fast. Also you must consider the competition values; the competition should be low, or medium. ok. Cheers

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    I do the following:
    1. Think of keywords that meet my niche
    2. On this basis I get top keywords suggestions with Google keyword tool and SERPAnalytics spy tool
    3. Then I use Google analytics and SERPAnalytics tracking for my sites with chosen keywords to watch how's it going and correct if needed.
    4. Voila

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