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    another way to find end users

    want to share a very useful tip from elliotsblog.com on December 8 2012. (some of you may aready know):

    Hereís a quick tip to find additional contacts if you donít want to use a service like Estibot. Hope on to a proxy website like HideMyAss.com, Proxify.com, or NewIPNow.com and visit Google. Perform your keyword search again, and voila, new potential buyers. Because Google shows relavant listings based on your location (aside from the most popular websites of course), if you search from a different IP
    address located in a different region, youíll likely find additional advertisers and listings.

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    Thanks for sharing useful info with us.

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    Dude, you have got a useful information.

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    Thanks for sharing it with us.

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