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    How To Increase Website Traffic – Blog Commenting

    You can comment on blogs to get more traffic. Leave a worthy comment on a famous blog that is related to your very own. Make sure the comment is keyword rich. A keyword rich comment will attract attention. This method will give you a high chance of driving traffic to your own website.

    Use Google to find blogs or websites related to your own. Also type in keywords related to your blog on article sites such as ezinearticles. You can find articles along with links to other websites that people in your niche are trying to promote. This is another way of finding websites in your niche.

    Make sure you find blogs that have quality content and high traffic. The more traffic coming to the blog, the more chance you have to drive it to your own website. Try and find a website that isn’t stuffed with comments. Otherwise, it will be hard for your link to get noticed.

    A good idea to get attention is to ask questions. Take some time to think of thought provoking questions. Anything that will get some conversation going. Do what it takes to grab people’s attention! Lure people to interact and you can lead some to your link.

    If you use keyword rich comments, the blog owners will love it. The more keyword rich blog content, the better SEO. Web crawlers will take notice of this! So there is a benefit for the blog owner too!

    Cheers to you, and happy commenting!

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    hi..nice writeup!!we can also get back links by commenting on blogs...traffic can also be increased with help of social bookmarking and social networking sites..

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    Blog commenting

    I prefer forums cause they have higher chances of page views. Going for blog commenting is when you are focusing on quality, as you have mentioned, rather than quantity. Otherwise you will also end up with your PC getting loaded with viruses.

    Nice post.

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    I have used the Blog commenting method to get traffic for my sites,I have submitted the Links where the service of website needed ,also in related Blogs,so it's not considered as spam and getting visits...You can follow it,It's Good method..I have also got the best WEBSITE TRAFFIC BLAZER service from Tucktail.com it helps to get more traffic.

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    This can be useful only if the blog is dofollow or else it will not pass on expected benefits nor it wil help in improving rankings.

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    Tucktail.com is providing reliable service

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    nowadays it is more useful to get traffic from social networking websites

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    Here are some tips to increase website traffic
    --Update your site regularly
    --Give Link to your website from other sites
    --Link to authority sites from your site
    --Forum Posting
    --Blog Commenting
    --Directory Submission
    --Article Submission
    --Social Bookmarking
    --Effective content of website

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    According to my point of view I think blog commenting and forum posting are the best ways to increase your ranking and traffic in a short time of interval but the most important thing is Consistency and hard work.

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