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    Thank you 4 sharing Tips

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    Thank you 4 sharing nice informations

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    Blog Traffic Tips

    Blog/web traffic can gradually be built up; with time you will enjoy it. Just keep working at first and forget about money; for money will come when you justify it.
    You just have to take it as a real business and always look for new ways of improving on your traffic more and more, it is a matter of consistency; if you are writing on daily, or weekly or monthly, just be consistent and the end will make you happy.

    That is why we are all here.

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    I think your tips are very helpful and useful to bloggers. Good sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by journeyoflife7 View Post
    Here are some blog traffic tips that will help you gain traffic faster!

    In order to start a successful blog online it is important to choose a good name. The name of your website should reflect what your website is about. Choose a name that is easy to remember. A name that easily identifies with what your website is all about.


    Make an icon or add some sort of picture to your blog. An icon or picture builds recognition. A picture of yourself somewhere on your website is not a bad idea at all. It is very well likely that your followers will gain your trust and will be curious about your work around the net when they see it. You can lure people to your work around the web when they see that ďtrustworthyĒ face or icon. They will easily recognize your work and will be curious about what you have to say. People may read what your have to say or follow your links just because of the fact they recognize you.

    Quality Content

    Creating unique quality content is the most important aspect of your blog. Ask yourself, what benefits your blog provides that others do not. What topics would your readers like to see on your blog? Keep great content and you will drive returning viewers.

    Regular Interval Posting

    Google wants to give itís readers the most up to date content. It is important that you post content up on a regular basis. Google search engine crawlers will take notice and it is a sure way to increasing your search engine rankings. Donít forget to submit your link to Google and other famous search engines like Yahoo.

    Keyword Optimized Secret

    You must market your website in order to increase exposure and gain followers. A trick you can use to increase search engine rankings is to optimize your content with low competitive keywords.

    Low competitive keywords donít get as much traffic as high competitive keyword but are easier to rank high in the search engines. Although they are not searched as often as high competitive keywords, ranking top for low competitive keywords will get you a lot of traffic. The great part is that it is easy to rank high with low competitive keywords. With multiple top rankings for low competitive keywords, you can get thousands and thousands of traffic to your website.

    Make the title of your article from the low competitive keywords you find. Make your content dense with low competitive keywords and try to add them at the end of your article as well.

    Article Submission

    Submit your articles to article directories. Article marketing is great for consistent targeted traffic.

    Keyword Placement

    Add keyword tags to your posts. Also find keywords that display your links in the search engines. Add those keywords resulting in your links as tags. This will improve your search engine rankings for those keywords.

    Online Communities

    Participate in online communities. Post links to social media sites to get more traffic to your website. The more you participate in these social media sites, the more followers you are likely to gain, and reach out to more and more people.


    Create a schedule to execute a list of important actions on a daily basis. This will dramatically increase your visitors and help you keep track of whatís working and whatís not. A progress chart will help keep your motivation high. The more you write down your ideas and thoughts, the less stress they will hold in your brain. You can remember them when the time comes and forget them till later.

    Good Luck!
    Nice information . i would like to add some tips to increase blog traffic ;

    1. Post frequently - Itís always better to maintain a proper posting schedule for your .

    2. Use social networks: Donít hesitate to promote your in social networks

    3. Make your load faster

    4. Guest posting: Itís the effective way to improve your traffic/readers.

    5. Do some seo techniques to increase traffic for you

    Search engine visibility service is available at XnYnZ.com

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    blog tips

    These was really good tyips for generating high traffic to a blog.

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    Blog Traffic Tips

    Great information given by you thanks for sharing......

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    Regularly pin images from other sites. The more you pin, the more followers youíll attract on Pinterest. Make sure your blog address is in your profile! Create a Tumblr blog and add content related to your niche as well as re-blogging content from your own site.

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    Thanks for this more important information about Blog post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dake View Post
    Thats a hell lot of work . How can someone manage to be regular in all these tasks without losing motivation.
    This is very long process but traffic generate for blog, and its benefit for your website.

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    really good information.

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