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    Question Domain Stats at Fabulous

    Is there a way to get parking stats for a list of domains in fabulous?

    I want the stats for "each domain" for last 12 months?

    Can I just paste that list somewhere in my account to get the stats for each domains for last 12 months?

    Please advise.


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    Hi DNBlogger,

    What you will need to do is follow these instructions:

    Create a watchlist with the domain names
    1. Go to the "Bulk Tool" page in the "Portfolio" area of your account.
    2. Enter the domains you want to include in the watchlist into the text box provided. You can enter them separated by spaces, commas or one domain per line.
    3. Click the "Continue" button. The page will refresh to display all the properties you can modify.
    4. Click the check box corresponding to "Watchlists" to expand out the watchlist options.
    5. Click the radio button corresponding to "Add domains to new watchlist".
    6. Enter a name for the watchlist in the text box provided.
    7. Click the box corresponding to"Allow all users access" if you wish to provide all users of your account access to this watchlist.
    8. Click the "Continue" button.

    Run a Domain Analytics report
    1. Go to the "Domain Analytics" page in the "Portfolio" area of your account.
    2. Click on the "Create new report/template" button.
    3. Select the "Custom Domain Analytics" radio button.
    4. Click on the "Use a subset of my domains" radio button. A set of Domain Filters will appear.
    5. Select the watchlist from the drop down menu.
    6. Select a date range.
    7. Click the "Generate" button to create the report.
    8. Your report will now be available in the Domain Analytics "Report Viewer".

    More information can be found here.

    Let me know if you need assistance with anything else.



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