Over years domains grow in price like real estate - invest in a premium class dot com domain and watch its value grow better than blue chips. These domains are made up of 2-3 short words understood to professionals and most of common PC users around the Globe, no hyphens, brief and to the point, they are for virtual property investors, programmers and advanced Internet users to start up business with the right name. Grab any one while it’s available. Corner your part of the market. It is a nice present for your friend or colleague too. The price is suggested by SEDO. If you offer a higher price I don’t mind. Verify my ownership on NIC.COM via WHOIS.

BasedOnCloud.com 706 USD
CloudBuySide.com 1,304 USD
CloudSalesModel.com 1,181 USD
CloudSellSide.com 1,366 USD
CloudTalentSearch.com 783 USD
CloudTeleSales.com 921 USD
DevOpsConcept.com 1,089 USD
DevOpsConsult.com 1,043 USD
DevOpsEngineers.com 1,074 USD
DevOpsInfrastructure.com 675 USD
DevOpsInvest.com 1,043 USD
DevOpsPlatform.com 1,381 USD
DevOpsTalentSearch.com 905 USD
DevOpsTech.com 1,135 USD
DevOpsTool.com 1,120 USD
GoogleTop2.com 1,999 USD
MobileBankingSoft.com 999 USD
MobileBankSoft.com 999 USD
MobileWalletSoft.com 999 USD
NanoHDD.com 996 USD
SearchByWord.com 999 USD
YrComputer.com 752 USD
YrInternet.com 1,135 USD

All these domains are registered at Dynadot and expire next April – May, currently they are parked with SEDO and indexed in Google with PR 0/10, much better than ‘No rating’. Purchase via SEDO, Dynadot or Escrow.