Names taken from the loooooooong list described HERE:

All .ORG's listed on my site will be only $25 today (Sunday, June 1) for the 'e' names (eCalendar .org etc.), and $12.50 for the others:
- CC4 .org
- eAppraisal .org - ALL major extensions taken, v. rare
- eBattery .org - ALL major extensions taken, v. rare, HUGE amount of Googles for 'Battery'
- eCalendar .org - similar rap as above for this name
- eCollector .org - ditto
- eDollars .org - yep
- eLook .org - etc.
- Framers .org
- Limiting .org

All .BIZ's on my site (minus Bobblehead .biz), are only $10 today:
- BikiniLine .biz
- CigaretteDiscount .biz
- DownloadFreeMusic .biz
- KnoxvilleTennessee .biz
- ReversePhonebook .biz

All have between 9 and 12 months registration left, and transfers will be free when done within the same registrar as they are at (info about the registrars can be found there)

My advice: BUYitNOW!

Post SOLD in this thread for each name you want and I'll be in touch.

PayPal payments, of course!