Over years domains grow in price like real estate - invest in a premium class dot com domain and watch its value grow better than blue chips. These domains are made up of 2-3 short words understood by everybody, no hyphens, brief and to the point, attract potential clients, they are the right names to start up business with. Grab any one while it’s available. Corner your part of the market. It is a nice present for your friends and colleagues.

CheapestHomeCredit.com negotiable, benchmark: HomeLoanCalculator.com.au sold at $37,339
HomeCreditCalculator.com negotiable, benchmark: HomeLoanCalculator.com.au sold at $37,339
HomeDebtCalc.com negotiable, benchmark: HomeLoanCalculator.com.au sold at $37,339
YrAutoInsurance.com negotiable, benchmark: AutoInsurance.org sold for $440,000
YrCarInsurance.com negotiable, benchmark: CarInsurance.com website sold for $47,000,000
YrCredit.com negotiable, benchmark: ebay auction at Jun 08, 201219:58:24 PDT
YrCreditCard.com negotiable, benchmark: Creditcards.com sold for $2,750,000
YrDentalInsurance.com negotiable, benchmark: DentalInsurance.info sold at $1,850
YrHomeInsurance.com negotiable, benchmark: HomeInsurance.com sold for $570,000
YrHouseInsurance.com negotiable, benchmark: HomeInsurance.com sold for $570,000
YrInsurance.com negotiable, benchmark: Insurance.com sold at $35,600,000
YrKidsInsurance.com negotiable, benchmark: AutoInsurance.org sold for $440,000
YrLoan.com negotiable, benchmark: Loans.com sold at $3,000,000
YrMoney.com negotiable, benchmark: Loans.com sold at $3,000,000
YrSavings.com negotiable, benchmark: Savings.com sold at $1,900,000

Some of domain names I am offering here, when without Yr, cost millions of dollars so domainers add prefixes e-, i-, my, and well known suffixes to generate interest in buyers and sell the domain names at high price, certainly not as high as the clean dictionary words but still very high prices. Most of these prefixes and suffixes clog the root word so that you can’t see the original dictionary word in the midst, and its selling power is lost so no need to pay exorbitant price for the word puzzle. Add the wrong letter/s and Google shows 'No results containing all your search terms were found. Your search did not match any documents'.

Of all these gimmicks only Yr distorts the original name to the least extent and whatsmore it sends the right message to the potential buyers of products and services from the website built on the domain name. In accordance with Neuro Linguistic Programming Rules Your/Yr provokes the buyer to act, as it says 'This is Your Products/Service, it’s the right choice, it’s Your choice, buy it, grab it, it must be Yours'.

Yr is an accepted and widely used abbreviation of Your and is used even in writing. When words with Yr are googled the search engine gives results both with Yr and Your but Yr is shorter than Your and the domain name with Yr prefix is shorter and is easier to type in, so with only 2 letters added the domain name doesn’t lose any of its meaning, because it’s not cluttered with irrelevant letters, but remains practically as short as the original dictionary word and becomes more valuable from the marketing point of view as it's souped up to have more selling power.

When you see a YrDomain on a billboard you'll never forget it because it's short, clear and just impossible to forget. Type the YrName in your web address window and your browser will add .com to it. Bingo!

To make a long story short as a buyer you are getting the selling power of a multi-million dollar domain name but you don't pay megabucks for it, your YrDomainName is English, short, no hyphens, easy to say, spell and recall, and it carries the same or even higher selling power as the original dictionary word. And you are doing a very good investment because eventually YrDomainName will compete in price with its generic.

The price is negotiable where it is suggested by a benchmark. If you offer a higher price I don’t mind. Verify my ownership on NIC.COM via WHOIS.

All these domains are registered at Dynadot and expire next March – April, currently they are parked with SEDO and indexed in Google with PR 0/10, much better than ‘No rating’. Purchase via SEDO, Dynadot or Escrow.