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Runpe.com (five letter brandable domain) $290 appraisal.

ApartmentsDesigns.com $200 appraisal.

OnlineMoviesAndMusic.com $570 appraisal.

Faxbe.com (five letter brandable domain) $250 appraisal.

SoftwareCellPhone.com $1800 appraisal - $2.12 cpc.

AppSmartPhones.com $580 appraisal.

BMXWebsite.com $630 appraisal - 483 exact search.

Junwe.com (five letter brandable domain) $1000 appraisal.

UnlockedPhoneForSale.com $640 appraisal.

CustomizeBanner.com $1400 appraisal - 260 exact search - $1.71 cpc.

Tuxid.com (five letter brandable domain) $730 appraisal.

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