Not sure which section of the forums I should put this post in.

We got domain names through and, without asking our permission or giving any indication they would do this, they put the domain names on

I have been trying to transfer our two domain names away from Namescout for months now and am the point of extreme frustration.

Despite 100 attempts, they won't allow me to do something which takes five minutes with every other domain name registrar.

They don't answer their emails, there is never anybody there when I ring them (and it won’t allow me to leave a message), and there is never anybody on your live chat whenever I visit their website.

When I fill in the contact form on their site, I never get a reply.

Now our domain names are trapped on Namescout due to bugs with their system, and there's nothing we can do about it as they are uncontactable by any means.

Does anybody have any contact at Namescout please?