just covered an application for the new gTLD .Church.

The applicant is described as “high tech megachurch out of Oklahoma” and currently uses the domain name

“” broadcasts Web worship services online to 15 locations in Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Florida and New York, set up a free Bible app for mobile devices, and offers resources to 100,000 pastors — “our target market for”"

Donuts is the other applicant for .Church.

Which raises the question if this extension goes to auction where is the money going to come from for to bid, possibly into the seven figures to win the auction.

Will the GAC object to extension altogether or other religious groups?

Even the Vatican?

How about .Bible whose application was submitted by the American Bible Society.

How about .Mormon which was applied for by “IRI Domain Management, LLC”

Will the Mormon church allow that company to own .Mormon in the right of the dot space?

Interesting months ahead.…