Cnet.comjust published a feature story all about the Mann, Mike Mann.

In the story entitled “Meet the ‘Mann’ who registered 14,962 domains in 24 hours” recounts how Mike Mann started in the domain business, built and sold BuyDomains and now

Some of the more interesting parts from the story for me where:

Mike Mann still owns 15 of NameMedia.* I thought Mike had sold his entire interest in to NameMedia.* I might be the only person that didn’t know Mike owed such a large part of the company, but I didn’t.

Mike Mann quote: “I want to own the world.”* priceless

In the two years since his non-compete with NameMedia expired, Mike has registered 400,000 domains or about 6x the number of domains its taken me 15 years to get.

Paul Sloan write the article for

Paul of course has written the two stories for mainstream who has written the most widely covered stories in mainstream publications on the adult in