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    Jun 2003

    Got a couple offers on

    Not intersted in selling, one offer was for 1k and individual stated they were open to counter offers if 1k wasnt enough he is legit i researched his name , looks like a 60/40 shot z visas will be the visa illegals have to get to become legal, there is supposed to be 12 million here but i suspect its closer to 20 million, also have
    and the new proposed guest worker plan
    what do you think for the lot
    Thanks for your time
    wish i had just strated looking into visas a short while ago I should have been ahead of the curve

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    Oct 2002
    Fatter: most ilegals don't speak english , (and if they do is very limited)
    they will search for visasz .

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    Jun 2003
    I did a check on and it was taken, while i agree with you that should be the norm in spanish, it is suprising that they learn enough english though to get necessary forms ie: green card etc I did an overture for some common terms and the english versions get much more traffic IE: "green card application" etc in fact i am making a small amount now on the traffic nothing to shake a stick at yet.

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    Apr 2007

    Thumbs up

    great names and ideas! Good luck with them, I would hold out a little and promote them a bit before selling

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