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    Question 9 really good ones I might sell - need price feedback

    Here are 9 domains that I might sell to raise some capital. But I am not sure of their value. Please comment on one or most:

    WordAds.com (text link advertising)
    VidFeed.com (video feeds)
    AspPhp.com (coding)
    eRecs.com (music:records)
    LogID.com (login idsasswords)
    BetLife.com (gambling)
    ToDrug.com (drugstore)
    XLemail.com (large email accounts)
    proWLS.com (pro wait list service 'verisign': pro web listing service: or the definition of prowls)

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    Several views but no opinions...

    Please give me any and all opinions on what some of the 9 might be worth. A few years ago good domains were a few grand a piece but in todays market the same domains are only a hundred or so. I am lost when it comes to attaching value...

    Please comment on any of the 9....

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    I don't see any value in any of your names, even for development. They all seem awkward and randomly put together. WordAds.com is similar to AdWords (Google's technology), but I'd much prefer names like AdTime.com or AdWizard.com... or even "TextAds.com". "ProWLS.com" comes across to me as a remnant of a debate that has run its course. I'd prefer an "action" WLS name, like one I registered, "WLSCheck.com". ASPPHP.com is interesting, but it doesn't say anything to me. ASP2PHP.com would be more descriptive, or something entirely generic like "ScriptDepot.com" or something.

    "SendOffer.com" seems like a handy name though.

    ~ Nexus

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    sorry, but agree with nexus. to get a premium the name needs either solid recognition or traffic. the names here will be competing with reg free brainstorms imo.
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    >A few years ago good domains were a few grand a piece

    "Good" being the important word in this sentence. Not of the domains you have listed are "good". If they we sitting there, free to register, and I saw them, they'd still be available later becasue I wouldn't have bothered.

    >or even "TextAds.com".

    3 cheers for UltSearch. :^)

    Some wanker's got the singular too.
    Captain Stupid.
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