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    Wordpress not being indexed

    Why is google not indexing http://indianet.com/blogs-wordpress/ ?

    I linked to it from the homepage of Indianet.com , which has apge rank of 4 .

    Seattle.ORG TechHQ.com IndiaNet.com InsuranceToday.com

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    Well, I'm a bit puzzled by what happens when I attempt to evoke your robots.txt file for openers. Mishandling robots.txt has been known to send Google away. Fast.

    Not sure about your "~permalink" structure either.

    The 2 sets of category links on the homepage? Duplicate content issues "to the max"? I dunno. Add in the "tag cloud" and it's off to the "we're trying to link spam Google" races - even if that's not your intention.

    I'm not a WP SEO expert but I took at quick look at those "elements" and, well, you'll have to figure it out from here. I'm off to fix my own myriad problems.
    Going fishing, soon, I hope.

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    Well, I switched to Joomla and now google indexs my site frequently. To me it seems that Google hates Word-Press.
    Seattle.ORG TechHQ.com IndiaNet.com InsuranceToday.com

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