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    Thumbs down SnapNames - Are they cheaters ?!?!?!?

    Hi everybody.

    Are they cheaters ?!?!?!?
    Few minutes ago I was a participant in the auction "mobitunes.com"
    There were 5 people including me in this auction. Only two of them were active bidders.
    Nickname "drow" was bidding against me.
    When 1 minute left until the end of the auction i started bidding against "drow" but somehow my bids weren't placed into the auction .
    I was trying three times but the page was just reloaded without my new bid.
    While i tried to place a new bid the auction ended.

    I have sent 6 letters to support AT snapnames DOT com but they still didn't respond.

    I'm not a novice , a spent a lot of money with them and it wasn't my fault that i didn't win the mobitunes.com !!!
    I Suppose there are two variants :
    1. it was a lag of their system and that's why my bids wasn't applied
    2. it was done intentionally by someone from their staff! somehow someone of their staff just disabled my bidding ability and my bids wasn't placed into auction.

    I just want them to start new auction for this domain name with same participants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keep View Post
    Few minutes ago I was a participant...

    I have sent 6 letters to support AT snapnames DOT com but they still didn't respond.
    Perhaps give them one full business day to check their logs and reply.

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    They responded as always:

    "Hi Vik,

    I do not have any information about why your bids weren't placed successfully, only that we have not had any problems with our website today.

    The auction has ended and the domain has been awarded to the high bidder. Again, we cannot re-run the auction.

    Best regards,
    Dorothy "

    The same answer i received when their search was broken, when their system sent me about 200 letters with the same notification about a domain i won and now. They just have no any infomation . That's all.

    By the way domain registration is completed with turned on privacy and it's parked with sedo.
    Minimum expected offer is $3000

    realy smell fishy

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    come on guys
    i don't believe that i'm alone in this problem

    and let's talk about all issues that you have had with snapnames

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    I think it must be the system problem, because there is the same problem I have met in Dnbiz.com, and they re-run the auction for me, they will be good.

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    I am not sure about it.they have been good to me so can;t comment much on this issue.

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